Extraction of a Student from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

The University of Winsonsin contacted SecurAssist to locate and evacuate Laura, a student who had just started her study abroad semester in San German, Puerto Rico. SecurAssist arranged a team consisting of a security consultant and a driver with an SUV and satellite communications equipment to travel to Laura’s last known location.

Upon finding Laura, the security team brought her to San Juan’s airport where a cargo plane that had brought supplies to the island was waiting to take her back to mainland U.S. Since the hurricane had made its way toward Florida, it was decided that the plane would reroute to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she was taken to a hotel to get a good night’s rest before flying home the next morning.

Member Testimonial:

“I want to thank you for everything you did to get Laura out of Puerto Rico. I just cannot say enough about everything you did for our family. I cannot believe how quickly she was able to come home. She is now back in school and catching up on a lot of classes and seems to be adjusting well. She has no desire to leave the country anytime soon!” - Laura’s mother

Evacuation of an NGO personnel out of South Sudan

Civil war and violent unrests have been persistent in South Sudan since the country became independent. Violence was at a peak after the assassination of several government members. SecurAssist was contacted by an NGO to evacuate their personnel, including expatriate and local employees, to safety. Two evacuation operations were carried out.

First, an evacuation from Juba via private aircraft was organized. A close-protection officer and a security-trained driver were hired to escort the employees from their compound in Juba. Three hours after the start of the mission, the aircraft touched down safely in Nairobi, Kenya where the NGO had a regional office.

The second operation followed to transport the employees from Old Fangak to Nairobi via private jet. The flight was first delayed due to heavy tropical rains, causing the aircraft’s wheels to get stuck in the mud. Thankfully, with the help of locals, the security team and the NGO staff were able to take off between two rainstorms.


SecurAssist gave us every support, from arranging a secure, safe pick-up and transfer to the airport, to smoothing our staff’s passage through customs and to organizing enjoyable, stress-free flights out of South Sudan. The communication was always streamlined, timely and accurate.” – NGO’s Security Manager

Smooth Evacuation from Fiji in the wake of Cyclone Winston

When Cyclone Winston tore through the Pacific in February 2016, Emma, a Graduate student from London who was undertaking field work on one of Fiji’s 300 islands, lost most of her clothes, equipment and research. Although the island’s communication networks were severely damaged, she was able to call SecurAssist for assistance.

The SecurAssist team mobilized its global network of local, pre-vetted security experts to respond. An evacuation team composed of a male and a female security expert undertook the challenging journey to the village where Emma had taken shelter. The team then escorted her across the archipelago, eventually arriving on a neighboring island where international flights were still operating.

Within three days of being contacted by Emma, the SecurAssist team was able to bring her back to London safe and sound.

Large-Scale Escape from Gaza, Israel

When violent riots escalated in 2014 following the murder of three Jewish teenagers in the West Bank, the SecurAssist team was called upon to evacuate foreign students from several universities across Israel. As rockets fell over the Gaza strip, the SecurAssist team was able to locate all of the students, keep in constant contact with them and organize and pay for their evacuations.

In total, SecurAssist successfully and safely evacuated 100 students from 24 different locations. While 50 students were evacuated by air out of Tel Aviv, the other 50 students were transported by ground transportation into Jordan. The students were eventually transported back home to their families.