Escape from Kinshasa

A professor and 24 of his students, doing charity work in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, were immobilized after a firefight broke out between the Congolese Army and a rebel militia.  Trapped in their lodging, the professor called university administration officials to inform them of the situation.  The administration immediately called Assist America’s SecurAssist for help.  The SecurAssist team was able to locate a safe haven for the professor and his students and facilitated their secure transport to the location, where they were protected from the surrounding violence.  They all returned home to the United States unscathed.


Security Risk Assessments in Lebanon

Many SecurAssist customers were affected by severe fighting in Beirut during the Israeli incursion into Lebanon in the summer of 2006.  Our elite security experts designed escape plans for western nationals in Lebanon as well as detailed risk assessments for several companies with business interests in the region.  We provided safe houses as well as detailed instructions for reaching government-sponsored evacuation transport.


Ivan the Terrible

In September 2004, a group of 1,200 students and a number of administrators and professors in St. George’s, the capital of Grenada, were caught in Hurricane Ivan, a category 4 storm.  Ivan left vast amounts of damage and destruction across the island and even destroyed the island’s only jail.  Students and faculty were left without shelter, food and supplies – all with convicted criminals roaming freely. 

Informed of the situation in Grenada, the president of the university called Assist America’s SecurAssist for help.  Our team of security experts developed a full security and evacuation plan for the students and faculty involving air and sea transport.  Everyone arrived on the Florida mainland safe and sound.