Today’s global economy has created an environment of great business potential, but unfortunately along with it comes significantly increased risk to companies and employees. Recognizing this, Assist America offers SecurAssist, a comprehensive security solution providing a variety of resources for our member companies anywhere in the world.

Since its inception in 1990, SecurAssist has been helping companies by supplying expertise and education in the areas of travel security, risk assessment, protective services, special events, training and management. The goal of our skilled team is to enable an individual traveler or a company with traveling employees or overseas offices to prevent potentially dangerous situations—kidnappings, hostage-taking, terrorism, corporate sabotage and the like—from occurring, and to resolve them if they do.

With Assist America, you are cared for during travel medical emergencies; with SecurAssist, you are connected—and protected—for urgent security situations.

Who is SecurAssist?

Our experts are selected via a thorough peer evaluation, in-depth performance history review and continued operational skills assessment, directly from military special operations, tactical law enforcement and unique U.S. government intelligence agencies. The SecurAssist team is elite, highly trained and tested, with proven operational capability at the highest levels and the ability to adapt to your specific requirements.

SecurAssist’s suite of services is only offered to Assist America clientele who register with our representatives. Assist America, Inc., is the world’s largest provider of global emergency assistance in partnership with insurance benefit plans.


SecurAssist is a product and registered trademark of Assist America, Inc.  SecurAssist services are provided by iJET International, Inc. (iJET), an intelligence-driven provider of business resiliency and risk management solutions